Crayfish Mornay | A step-by-step guide

This recipe uses Gourmetchef’s Cheesy Mornay Sauce.  Cooking a crayfish can seem a bit daunting – all those spiky antennae, swimmerets, and curious body parts to negotiate!  We show you how in a few easy steps …

Step 1: If you’re after presentation, then buy a fresh crayfish (rock lobster).  We bought our Western Rock Lobster from Kailis Bros, Leederville.  I would recommend half a crayfish per person.  Place the crayfish in a large stockpot and bring to the boil.  Boil for about four minutes (no longer or the flesh will toughen).

Crayfish-Boiling-141116Step 2: Drain the crayfish, which should have turned from grey to bright salmon pink.

Crayfish-boiled-141116Step 3:  Using some sharp kitchen shears, cut through the carapace (shell) of the crayfish along the midline.Cutting-crayfish-141116

Step 4:  The two halves should look like this.  With a spoon, remove the bits that look unappetising (yellow parts in the photo).  These are digestive glands, bits of digestive tract and nerve cords.  Rinse the crayfish to clear away anything else that looks suspicious!

Step 5: Now scoop out the flesh from the shell and dice it into largish chunks.


Step 6:  Pour the contents of the Gourmetchef Cheesy Mornay pouch into a saucepan and mix the diced crayfish with it.  Stir until heated through.Crayfish-warming-2-141116

Step 7: Place the crayfish shells in a baking tray and fill them with the Mornay Sauce/crayfish mixture.  Place under the grill and heat until the sauce mixture is golden and toasty.


Step 8: Serve on a bed of lettuce and lemon wedges.  Enjoy!

Crayfish-Lobster-Mornay-Gourmetchef-141116Recipe and photographs by Deirdre Fleming

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