Now available in a 250 mL size: Hollandaise Sauce

François Pierre La Varenne first described Hollandaise Sauce in 1651 in Le Cuisinier François:

Make a sauce with some good fresh butter, a little vinegar, salt, and nutmeg, and an egg yolk to bind the sauce; take care that it doesn’t curdle.

We’ve built our sauce using lashings of egg to make it rich, but without too much saturated fat (we care about your health), so you can use it on your Eggs Benedict or, as La Varenne recommended, with steamed asparagus.  Try it also on hot smoked salmon for a sumptuous meal.

To make Eggs Benedict, toast a muffin and layer it with ham and a poached egg.  Top it with a swirl of Gourmetchef Hollandaise Sauce.


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